The NP-100-100 (Also Known as TuplaSata in finland) is a Finnish four-engined VTOL airliner designed in Finland and manufactured by the NP. It is powered with DIY Engines.

Variants Edit

There are three planned variants of NP-100-100 Aircraft

NP-100-100 Edit

NP-100-100 Is the original variant of NP-100 Aircraft. The maximum passenger capacity is 2 people.

Air Finnish is the launch customer of NP-100-100

NP-100-900 Edit

NP-100-900 Is the variant of NP-100-100 which is longer and has maximum passenger capacity of 7 people.

Air Finnish is the launch customer of NP-100-900

NP-100-100F Edit

NP-100-100F is the freighter version of NP-100-100.

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